Most Popular Website Design Tips for Ecommerce to Increase Sales

It is good to say that e-Commerce, in general, has come up a long way over the past few decades and not design-wise, but it also has conquered the digital world. In the earlier days, businesses felt shy and uncomfortable about doing their business online. Still, as per the current statistics, people are buying goods online, and the estimate reached around 1.8 billion last year, and the figure will grow to 1.92 billion in the upcoming years. With this promising estimation, more and more eCommerce businesses are developing websites that will help them to get more leads and increase sales. 

The e-commerce brands should not embrace the sole nature of having the online shop; they also need to adapt to the new changes and follow the latest trend as per the industry standards. They may be search engine optimization, brand building via social media, link building, content creation, lead generation, and web design service. As the products you sell online are the bread and butter for your business, the website is equal to your shop; it should be designed to attract customers largely. The websites should also have easy navigation and easy scrolling to provide a great user experience.

Website Design Tips For Boosting Online Sales

Make Use of Dark Mode

This feature means switching the background to the black model. It’s a great feature and can be used on mobile phones, and it helps in reducing eye strain, and in some cases, it helps the mobile devices better adjust to the given lighting environment around. Apart from these, it also helps in extending the battery life of the device. In the year 2019, lots of mobile developers have come up with the “dark” version, and apps and websites are also made in the dark mode. If you plan to choose a professional web design service, choose experts who have several years of experience in this field.

Content Is the King

Content is the King for all websites and online businesses. Especially for an e-Commerce brand, having a good, informative easy-to-read content, means to provide the customers the right information, about the product or service available. Besides, certain features can bring content and products together, allowing the customers to have a great experience.

Make Use of Chatbots

There was a time when chatbots were used as fancy items on the website. As a result, they can feel unwanted and unnatural. But, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the use of Chatbots has increased, and more and more websites are making use of this to generate more sales and leads.


Many businesses face lawsuits as their contents are not accessible for users with disabilities. Hence, the site owners should focus on eliminating the features that might be compatible with users with disabilities. The website also follows the website content accessibility guidelines to stay compliant with terms and conditions. 

These are some of the tips to follow while designing the website. If you want to design the website as per the current standards and latest tech rules, consult the team from Information Technology Strategic Communications (ITSC) that has a team of professional designers to help you out in every business need.