Would you like to see a demo of how the Service Center works on your network?

Network and Computer Service Solutions for Businesses

Our remote monitoring and management platform consists of:


A single, lightweight piece of software is installed once at each site.

Onsite Manager performs secure comprehensive scans of your environment to gather the up-to-date information that iTSC needs to manage your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency.

A powerful web-based, centralized dashboard that allows us to

  • View the asset health and performance data sent by Onsite Manager
  • Drill down to details as required
  • Perform rapid remote remediation
  • Configure advanced services
  • Produce a range of useful reports so you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your environment; and much more for Network Tech Service Solutions Businesses.

Installed on equipment that can’t be directly monitored by Onsite Manager.

For example:

  • Roaming laptops
  • Remote servers
  • Home offices
  • Or on an onsite Windows 7 PC, if you don’t have a server

With Onsite Manager, we can monitor and manage anything with an IP address including:

DesktopManaged Switches, VoIP Switches and PhonesGateways
LaptopRoutersMobile Phones
Printers, Faxes or ScannersOff-the-shelf and Custom ApplicationsSpecialized Equipment and Environmental Control Devices
Internal and External WebsitesSaaS ResourcesVirtual machines and much more.

Would you like to see a demo of how the Service Center works on your network?

IT Management and Professional Service Solutions