If you rely on your IT infrastructure to maintain data integrity and protect your business from financial losses, then it’s important to invest in network monitoring and maintenance to achieve compliance with legislative standards.

iTSC plays an important role in helping you achieve standards compliance and maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure. Figuring out how to comply doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. We’re already familiar with the standards and our complete managed services model enable us to quickly identify any areas of your IT network that are not yet up to standard.

iTSC specializes in helping clients reach their security and compliance goals.

Act NameDescriptionApplies To
Sarbanes-Oxley(Sarbox)Manages a secure and controlled infrastructure for data, processes, and historical information. All public companies worldwide.
Gramm-Leach-Bailley (GLBA) and The New Capital Accord (Basel II)Implement systems for security and authorized access, and build safeguards against threats and hazards.Finance Sector worldwide.
Federal Food & Drug 21-CFR-11 (21-CFR-11)Ensure security, integrity, and availability of information. This is of particular concern to the health care industry that relies on the accuracy of patient/ product information.Healthcare Sector US
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)Ensures that an agency notifies individuals if their personal information has been acquired by an unauthorized source. The impact to IT is to improve security and reporting systems.Credit Card Merchants worldwide
The Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)Ensures patient record privacy by improving IT security and interoperability of information systems, as improved reporting systems.Healthcare Sector US
Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)Balances an individual’s right to the privacy of personal information with the need of organization to collect, use or disclose information for legitimate business purposes. Any company worldwide.