Are You Using the Cloud Services-You Need to Hire the Experts!

A recent survey reveals that 40% of IT decision-makers plan to invest in cloud services. When you compare the growth and popularity of cloud computing in the last few years with the current data, you will see that cloud is the next evolution in business computing. Hence, it is very important to adopt the cloud keeping in mind the risks associated with it. If you want to implement cloud computing in your business and efficiently manage IT services, the best thing is to hire IT Service Providers with several years of experience in this field.

In the above paragraph, you should be careful while availing the cloud support services as there is a tendency among people to easily jump into the new technology and start to implement it in their regular life without knowing about the due diligence of the same. Cloud computing is no different. Now, most companies are making use of the cloud to grow their business. If your business is equipped to handle the cloud’s implementation and running, will it be better to hire a reliable service provider?

One of the important considerations you must make while deploying the cloud solution for the business is to know what type of cloud you want to have for your business. There are 3 different models of cloud computing available, and they are:

Private Cloud

It is normally hosted and managed by the company itself, at the premise or the colocation centre. Having the private cloud system is to have the dedicated cloud while not putting the management responsibilities. The private cloud is mainly deployed by large organizations that need to focus on security measures and compliance. The private cloud is expensive than the other models available. 

Public Cloud

It is the cloud solution that is sold to the users by the third-party provider. These solutions generally include storage facilities, communication systems, applications and the full-scale computing environment. The public cloud can be accessed at a low price as the solution provider covers hardware deployment and bandwidth. As there are no up-front costs associated with the public cloud, the interfaces are best for small and medium companies

Hybrid Cloud

This solution uses elements of both Public and private cloud computing. It is more affordable and a full-scale private cloud computing that the organization chooses as a part of the IT infrastructure they want to use. In addition, this solution will allow the company to control certain aspects of the infrastructure while using the public cloud where the security is not more to consider.

The IT Service Providers will help you understand your Cloud computing requirement and provide you with the right suggestion regarding what to choose- the Public, private or hybrid model.

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